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Reign of Dragons (Dragon Dojo Brotherhood #1) Sink Your Teeth Into 125,000 Words Of Amazing Dragon Shifter Adventure No One Screws With My Family My Sister And I Are Human Orphans Raised By The World S Best Assassin, Taught To Steal And Kill Our Way Through The Dragonlands Under Her Watchful Eye Grown Men Fear Us, And No One Knows We Re Coming Until It S Too Late To Run Irena And I We Re Good The Best In A Dog Eat Dragon Kind Of World, We Have To Be But Someone Betrayed Us Someone We Trusted With Our Lives Irena Is Missing My Mentor Is Gone And As For Me The Man Responsible For This Mess Thought He Killed Me He Kicked Me Into A Pit, And He Left Me To Die But I Don T Give Up That Easy In The Darkness, Facing Death Itself, I Fused With Dragons I Had No Choice This Is Ancient Magic, And Dangerous People Want It They Want Me, Dead Or Alive, And They Ll Start A War If That S What It Takes To Control Me The Magic I Discovered The Magic These Brutal People Want It S Mine, Plain And Simple No One Can Take It From Me And I M Coming Back From The Dead For Blood For Vengeance For Irena Reign Of Dragons Is A Full Length Novel With A Badass Heroine, A Riveting Storyline, And An Alternative Relationship Dynamic Get Ready For A Heart Pounding Story Filled With A Dragon Shifter Romance Unlike Anything You Ve Read Before Buckle In For Heart Pounding Action, Breathtaking Magic, Deadly Assassins, Four Drop Dead Gorgeous Leading Men, Lots Of Toned Muscles, And Most Importantly A Young Woman S Journey Of Justice, Self Discovery, And Freedom READ THE WHOLE SERIES The Dragon Dojo Brotherhood A Riveting And Addictive Dragon Shifter Fantasy Romance Series Book 1 Reign Of Dragons Book 2 Fate Of Dragons March 2019 Book 3 Blood Of Dragons April 2019 Book 4 Age Of Dragons May 2019 Publisher S Note The Dragon Dojo Brotherhood Is An Adult Urban Fantasy Series With Explicit Scenes And Is Meant For Mature Readers Who Enjoy Spellbinding Stories With A Few Fan Your Face Moments In Their Fantasy Fiction.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Reign of Dragons (Dragon Dojo Brotherhood #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Olivia Ash author readers around the world.

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    It can be better I liked the heroine when she was on her own but when she met the other dragons whom I assume are going to be in her harem , the entire book just became to much They all like her, they all soften towards her, they will all eschew their family just to be with her, the whole RH nonsense.The book was also very long, in a good book that s a terrific thing but this book was sub par, it was annoying The heroine k...

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    3.5 stars rounded up to 4 because really it was super close I absolutely agree with everyone else who has said this book did not feel like the 500 page its reported to be The pages flew by Action packed from cover to cover I was super involved from the very beginning The story itself is super rich and all the characters displayed great arc so far All that being said it was a little hard at the beginning to figure out what was going on. There isn t much backstory or world building right out the gate which kind of made me feel like a fish out of water to begin with Everything was happening and I couldn t seem to get all my crap together and get on the boat I mean where the story started seemed like it kind of dropped us in pretty quick and in a hurry It did even out though and start to build the world and backstory but even still I m left with a lot of questions but I have hope for answers its still early in the series.Rory, our FMC, is a Spectre, a world renowned assassin ninja trained by the head of assassins, the Ghost In this supernatural world dragons different families of dragons reign supreme Rory and her mentor are on a mission to steal a cure from a dragon family This cure is needed for Rory s only family and twin Irena who has been poisoned by this dragon family Unfortunately they stumble into a trap and Rory and her mentor are caught Not knowing who to trust an...

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    Rory is part of a league of assassins thieves called the Spectres They hate dragons A recent mission has left Rory s sister poisoned When Rory and Zurie the head of the Spectres try to steal the antidote from a dragon crime lord Mason , they are captured Mason s form of torture backfires when instead of being killed by ancient magic, she absorbs it From that point on, Rory is basically on the run from every dragon in the world yet she is still trying to save her sister and Zurie She finds sanctuary at an embassy for dragons, called the dojo She learns how to use her new magic and discovers that not all dragons are bad.Hmm, well I thought the action was good In fact, it didn t feel like a 500 page book it went by quickly I did have some issues with the writing, but not so many to make me uninterested in finding out what happens next I would say that it was just a hair above average for me, mostly...

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    3,5 Wow it so didn t feel like it was 500 pages it just flew by so fast I really like this book, i read all three books in a row, they where that good

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    Surprisingly fast paced Reign of Dragons was pretty good It kind of started with a bang and never really let up In it, you will meet Rory When her sister falls ill, Rory goes out to look for an antidote Unluckily for her, she gets captured and thrown into a pit While there, she is supposed to die but that doesn t happen exactly.Nope, Rory gets blessed, or something like that, by a group of dragons I feel like this book left out some information because I kind of felt confused or lost at points However, since this was jam packed with so much action and characters it kind of redeemed itself Besides meeting Rory, there s Tucker She somehow manages to lose him from time to time but he always ends up finding h...

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    There are lovely mysteries and complications in Reign of Dragons by Olivia Ash The heroine is strong, yet her world is uncertain Questions of trust and purpose, of values and the price paid for your actions pepper a story which races along at high speed Entertaining

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    I don t really know how I feel about this and the final episode in fact the whole 8th season of Game of Thrones has put me in a bad mood regarding story telling, so I ll be brief.There s lots of potential here for a good story, but it s just too long.688 pages my kindle told me Well, it was about 300 pages too long and I skimmed an awful lot of the last third.The first half was so sl...

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    love this series so far i ve read all 3 books and its so good great characters and awesome world, I d like to know about the Dragons and their home base boss cultures etc my only complaint is I struggle to view the size of the dragons in my head are they super GOT large or are they size of a large suv lmao view spoiler just by the descriptions seems like they are your standar...

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    DNF 35%Not my ting Way too naive and young adult for me.

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    Hell hath no fury like an assassin scornedRory is a machine She s given a target, a mission, and turned loose to destroy She s very good at her job Someone doesn t understand this, though They do something very stupid, like kidnap her sister, and then the woman that raised them both They decide to get rid of Rory by kicking her into a pit of magic, that so far has killed everyone else Oddly enough, it doesn t kill Rory Instead she gets fancy new dragon powers She could take on dragons before this, easily With this level up she s reached Terminator strength Woe be to the idiot dragon that took her family But these powers come with a few handicaps She now can t hide from dragons Also, both humans and dragons are determined to either drain her powers or control her Having been part of an organization that controls every bit of her existence, she s not going to go down without a fight Rory has had enough Spoilers ahead Oh, Rory kicks butt Secret spy training, technology, martial arts bad ss, w...

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