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Enfants de nazisIn 1940, The German Sons And Daughters Of Great Nazi Dignitaries Himmler, Goring, Hess, Frank, Bormann, Speer, And Mengele Were Children Of Privilege At Four, Five, Or Ten Years Old, Surrounded By Affectionate, All Powerful Parents Although Innocent And Unaware Of What Was Happening At The Time, They Eventually Discovered The Extent Of Their Father S Occupations These Men Their Fathers Who Were Capable Of Loving Their Children And Receiving Love In Return Were Leaders Of The Third Reich, And Would Later Be Convicted As Monstrous War Criminals For These Children, The German Defeat Was An Earth Shattering Source Of Family Rupture, The End Of Opulence, And The Jarring Discovery Of Hitler S Atrocities.How Did The Offspring Of These Leaders Deal With The Aftermath Of The War And The Skeletons That Would Haunt Them Forever Some Chose To Disown Their Past Others Did Not Some Condemned Their Fathers Others Worshipped Them Unconditionally To The End In This Enlightening Book, Tania Crasnianski Examines The Responsibility Of Eight Descendants Of Nazi Notables, Caught Somewhere Between Stigmatization, Worship, And Amnesia By Tracing The Unique Experiences Of These Children, She Probes At The Relationship Between Them And Their Fathers And Examines The Idea Of How Responsibility For The Fault Is Continually Borne By The Descendants.

Former criminal lawyer at the Paris Court of Appeal Living in London Currently writing a new book called The power under prescription , based on the relations of 8 major politician and there personal physicien.

Download ➺ Enfants de nazis Author Tania Crasnianski –
  • Hardcover
  • 264 pages
  • Enfants de nazis
  • Tania Crasnianski
  • English
  • 21 October 2018
  • 9781628728057

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    Crasnianski leva nos a conhecer apenas um filho de cada nazi, embora estes tivessem tido bem mais do que um filho nico, j que uma das pol ticas do III Reich que estes tivessem uma prole numerosa O filho retratado quase sempre o primog nito, relegando para segundo ou at ignorando os outros filhos, talvez por terem tido uma exposi o muito inferior.Os Filhos dos Nazis um livro muito bem fundamentado, que nos d uma outra perspectiva da Segunda...

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    I went into reading his book with some trepidation I was a bit scared of what was going to be the various children stories, as well as a fear the children would either be whitewashed or painted black I was joyfully impressed by how evenhanded and well researched the book was She didn t back off the story of those who worship their father until the day they died or those who hated everything their father did The fathers and in some cases mothers were researched Much of each section is dedicated to the father s position in the nazi hierarchy and to the childhoods of the children I was amazed by how complete the father child relationship is recorded This is well written, and footnoted I would recommend this to anyone interested in the top nazis as humans and fathers This book has the most detail o...

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    Most of the men who ruled the Third Reich were only in their forties, so the children about whom this book is written were very young during the war Most of them were either protected from the knowledge of what their fathers were doing, or lived in Nazi enclaves so completely cut off from the rest of the world that those around them had no reason to discuss it Often they only began to understand when their fathers and sometimes their mothers were arrested, by which time the normative moral framework in which their parents actions would be judged had already changed Still, their individual responses varied widely, from absolute refusal to accept their fathers culpability to being sterilized for fear of passing on evil genes The response depended on a number of factors personality, yes, but also their own memories of their fathers, the attitudes of their mothers and siblings, their experiences in the immediate aftermath of the war, and what they ultimately chose to do with their own lives Like pretty much everything else to do with history, it s a story about how people cope, and that st...

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    I can t even imagine what life was like for those who knew and accepted what their fathers and mothers had done during the war They are victims too As for those living in denial, believing their fathers were great men, that they were heroesno sympathy here.

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    Este livro, tal como o o t tulo refere, focado na vida dos filhos de alguns nazis importantes.Como que estas crian as cresceram durante a guerra, em que os seus pais eram importantes Como cresceram ap s a guerra terminar e os seus pais serem considerados criminosos Mas ser que a inf ncia, muitas vezes protegidos e at amados pelos seus pais, far com que estes filhos apoiem os actos dos seus pais Ser que os consideram culpados ou inocentes Como lidaram com o peso do nome Um filho n o escolhe os seus pais Um filho n o tem a culpa dos actos do seu progenitor Mas como reagir sabendo as atrocidades cometidas pelo nosso progenitor.Um livro de n o fic o sobre a vida dos filhos de Henrich Himmler, Hermann G ring, Rudolf Hess, Hans Frank, Martin Bormann, Rudolf H ss, Albert Speer e Josef Mengele A autora explora a vida familiar destes oito nazis, quer desde a sua inf ncia e a vida dos seus pais, as suas entradas no Partido e as suas liga es a Hitler, a sua vida como chefes de fam lia Mas centra se essencialmente sobre a vis o dos seus filhos, quer como viam os seus pais durante as suas inf ncias mas tamb m o que aconteceu depois do fim da 2 Guerra Mundial Afinal de contas, o fim da guerra transformou lhe completamente as suas vidas Algo que me surpreendeu, talvez por estarmos habituados a ver estes homens como monstros, foi o modo como...

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    Possono le colpe dei padri ricadere sui figli Per esperienza personale dico di s e se non paghiamo scotto e conseguenze materiali, comunque rimane in noi una traccia fatta di piccoli gesti, leggende, storie di famiglia.Peggio sarebbe se gravasse su di noi la Storia, come stato per i figli di Himmler, Goring, Hess, Frank, Bormann, Hoss, Speer, Mengele.E nonostante il libro sia intitolato a loro, la vita dei padri che si racconta sempre e per sempre, incombendo sui prossimi.La prossimit sentimentale fa s che non si sia obiettivi nel considerare freddamente un problema, perch ne siamo parte Dunque capisco chi ha rifiutato, chi ha aderito, chi s vergognato o si sentito in colpa Meglio ha fatto s chi rimasto indifferente alla propria vita interiore.Pu la colpa trasmettersi attraverso le generazioni Possiamo solo osservare le vite di questi figli e non giudicarle il sangue non conta, conta la v...

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    Libro que recopila en un s lo un resumen de las biograf as de algunos importantes jerarcas y oficiales nazis enfoc ndolo en sus relaciones familiares Podemos ver c mo era la relaci n padre hijo y las distintas reacciones de estos ltimos a lo acaecido Entre otros, hijos o sobrinos de Himmler, Hans Frank, Mengele, H ss, Hess, etc.El libro es interesan...

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    Confesso que esperava algo mais como Vozes de Tchern bil , tanto no estilo de narrativa quanto na profundida da hist ria No entanto, a autora de Filhos de Nazistas optou por outro caminho.Gosto do panorama que ela tra a dessas fam lias, mas acho que poderia ter um pouco mais de prof...

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    This book was fascinating and horrifying I can t imagine being in any of these people s shoes, but I was aghast at how many of them thought their father s had been treated unjustly and had therefore spent their lives trying...

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    It was interesting to read about which children still revere their fathers and which have denounced them, and it seems to have quite a bit to do with how close they were to their fathers during childhood I can t imagine having to reckon with a legacy like that.

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