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How to Reduce Anxiety & Increase Certainty in Difficult Situations Most People Experience Anxiety At Certain Points In Their Lives It Can Occur In A Professional Or Personal Environment You May Be Worried About A Particular Situation Involving Job, Family, Romance, Friends, Finance, Health, Personal Endeavor, Or Other Challenging Issues The Good News Is That There Are Many Ways To Reduce Or Eliminate Anxiety In A Difficult Situation, While Increase Your Feelings Of Confidence, Certainty, And Peace Anxiety, At Its Core, Is A Survival Instinct Properly Managed And Channeled, You Can Turn Nervousness Into Strength, Fear Into Resiliency, Stress Into Confidence, And Uncertainty Into Opportunity The Strategies And Skills Provided In This Book May Show You How You Will Learn 5 Ways To Instantly Reduce Anxiety How To Decrease Uncertainty About The Future Powerful Techniques To Reduce Catastrophic Thinking How To Change The Fear Of Rejection How To Reduce Or Eliminate Negative Self Talk 5 Strong And Assertive Problem Solving Techniques How To Quickly Stop Rumination How To Reduce Anxiety And Feel Calmer With What You Eat Note This Book Is Intended For Readers Who, Despite Occasional Bouts Of Anxiety, Are Generally Doing Okay In Life In Cases Of Severe Mental Or Emotional Distress, Seek Medical And Mental Health Professionals For Support.

Full name Preston Chi Ping Ni

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