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Roberta Ann R A MacAvoy is a fantasy and science fiction author in the United States Several of her books draw on Celtic or Taoist themes She won the John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer in 1984 R A MacAvoy was born in Cleveland, Ohio to Francis and Helen MacAvoy She attended Case Western Reserve University and received a B.A in 1971 She worked from 1975 to 1978 as an assistant t

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    I ve already said most of what there is to say about the trilogy as a whole This last installment leans on the mystical components than the previous two, and readers who want everything explained to them will be disappointed I saw one review that said MacAvoy is big on putting elements of Zen into her books, and you can see that here you can live an experience or you can try to understand an experience, but you can t always do both Sometimes you just have to accept the ineffable and go with the flow I yearned for explanation in some places, but that was very much not MacAvoy s intention This isn t Weird fiction, but it certainly is Zen in that you can t analyze everything rationally.And referring back to those layers of experience I mentioned in my previous reviews, I was especially amused by one of the premises here You remember those letters that Nazhuret wrote to the king, the ones that made up book 1 and told the story of Zhurrie s early life and training Yeah, now those letters have been published ...

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    This completes the Lens of the World series and does so wonderfully The first time I read the book I was startled by the gap between it and book two, twenty five years or so, long enough for many favorite characters of the series to have died But that s exactly what makes this series remarkable, that we get a chance to see the changing of the world and the next generation assuming their place in it.Nazhuret is a wonderful character, one of the few Taoist heroes in Western fiction The author might call him a Zen hero, or not a hero at all I wouldn t know The setting is a fascinating Renaissance world like and unlike our own, jus...

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    3.5 stars.The Belly of the Wolf is the third book in R.A MacAvoy s LENS OF THE WORLD trilogy My review will spoil some of the events from the first two novels, Lens of the World and King of the Dead, so you might not want to read it before reading those books If you have already read and enjoyed those two previous novels, I feel certain that you ll like The Belly of the Wolf, too It s similar in style and t...

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    The Belly of the Wolf is the third book in R.A MacAvoy s LENS OF THE WORLD trilogy My review will spoil some of the events from the first two novels, Lens of the World and King of the Dead, so you might not want to read it before reading those books If you have already read and enjoyed those two previous novels, I feel certain that you ll like The Belly of the Wolf, too It s similar in style and tone and there s a little bit action in this one.It s bee...

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    Ahh Ahh That is all I can say a satisfied sigh.What a fantastic, satisfying end to the series Every note is pitch perfect This is a composition crafted with consummate care We get adventure from a reluctant hero, a study of patient composure from our protagonist, who has aged since the first few books, leading to a touching capstone for the series.This third and final book is surely the high point of the serie...

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    In this final volume of the Lens of the World trilogy in the US named Belly of the Wolf for reasons explained below, but for some reason renamed as Winter of the Wolf in the UK we have jumped ahead about twenty five years after volume two A shame rather, as I felt there were a lot fascinating stories that could have been told about these characters, instead of which my favourite in the series has been dead for four years when the story starts There is a slight continuity glitch, as despite the age of Nazuret, the narrator, being stated than once as fifty five and he did state that he and King Rudof were about thirty in book 2 he has a twenty eight year old daughter who wasn t even conceived at the time of book 2.Unlike the first two volumes, this is not told in a epistolary style Nazuret and his daughter Nahvah have set up home in a small country far from the scenes of his youthful escapades but danger follows him once again when a powerful old friend is apparently murdered When they take sh...

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    This is my favorite of the Lens of the World series Unfortunately it s also the last one sigh It s my third time reading it, and I m taking it to the county fair next week the whole series so someone else can enjoy it.

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    I didn t remember hardly any of this third book in the series When I got to the end of the series I realized that I had a made up memory of Nazhuret being captured by the Naiish and getting to know their culture inside out Wonder where that came from Realized that the Zaquosh word for nobility is paistye hut crusher which sounds like the word the Khaleesi uses for master when she is busy freeing the slaves of Meereen to join her army season 4 Freaky Mostly long journeys on horseback and an unconsummated later life romance It seems like it will be consummated but it s not on the page I was very charmed by this the first time I read the book This time I thought old Dinaos was a bit much The resentment Nazhuret feels toward the creator of the spiritual teaching base on his own writings i...

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    The general plot kept me reading However, I still feel that the author is working so hard to be mysterious that it is just distracting, at least to me.

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    I loved this series This book was a bit shorter and less complex than book 1 and 2, but still good.

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