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Hot SixStephanie Plum, America S Favorite Bounty Hunter, Returns To The Streets Of Trenton, New Jersey For Another Rousing Adventure With High Spirited Sidekicks Like The Bizarre Grandma Mazur And Ex Hooker Lula, Its Easy To See Why Stephanie S Fan Base Grows Every Day While Trying To Make An Honest Buck Apprehending Bond Skippers, Stephanie Is Shocked To Learn Her Mentor Master Bounty Hunter Carlos Ranger Manoso Is Suspected Of Murder Digging Through The Local Weapons And Drug Rackets, Stephanie Hopes To Get Her Man Off The Hook But Finding Time For Her Other Man, Vice Cop Joe Morelli, Is Getting Harder Each Day And It Doesn T Help When Grandma Moves In, Takes Up Driving Lessons, And Dyes Her Hair Pink New York Times Best Selling Author Janet Evanovich Constructs Unforgettable Tales Filled With Zany Characters And Non Stop Action Narrator C.J Critt Takes Listeners On A Colorful Trek Through The Sexy, Hilarious And Hazardous World Of Stephanie Plum.

Janet Evanovich is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of the Stephanie Plum series, the Lizzy and Diesel series, twelve romance novels, the Alexandra Barnaby novels and Trouble Maker graphic novel, and How I Write Secrets of a Bestselling Author, as well as the Fox and O Hare series with co author Lee Goldberg.

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    Book Review 3 out of 5 stars for Hot Six, the sixth book in the Stephanie Plum cozy mystery series, written in 2000 by Janet Evanovich I ve had some bad days before I ve even done some things I am not exactly proud of But one thing I ve never done set someone on fire Who does that And what do you do to get revenge on the fire starter Maybe Drew Barry has some ideas I m a gonna call her today On a serious note, yes, that s poor Stephanie s life in this book Bail jumpers are pushing her to the limit, but this one seems to want to kill her While this book was funny and followed the same formulas, it was a little less remarkable than most of the others I love all the kooky characters and the relationship issues between Ranger and Morelli, but I m getting to the point where she either needs to kick one the curb, kick them both to the curb, decide Lula is the girl for her, or move to a new city and start fresh I mean come on something s gotta give here, right About Me For those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A L...

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    Oh, Morelli I just needed to express that I was only going to give this book four stars until that decision was swayed in the end by said individual And I ll add that I really don t think I would mind it much if a muscular Italian Jersey cop called me cupcake

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    4.25 A buddy read with my friends at BBB Let s go hunt some bond skips I do not know how does this author keep on making me laugh I mean, this is book 6 I should be tired of the same old, same old, right How long can one very inapt, clueless, and fully unprofessional bounty hunter, with propensity for finding dead bodies, keep bringing the funny and rev up the likability factor ever higher, from one book to the next And Stephanie Plum does all that and , reeling us in with every misadventure, despite, or realy because of all of her ineptitude and ridiculous decisions and actions And in this book she managed to destroy only two cars Well, , if you count those that belong to other people Hey, man, Moon said to me Real shame about your car That s mad crazy, dude What happened I was sitting there on the bench waiting for you, and I saw Reefer walk by You know Reefer Well, anyway, Reefer just got let out of the tank, and his brother was coming to pick him up And Reefer said why didn t I come out to say hello to his brother So I walked out with Reefer, and you know Reefer always has good weed, so one thing led to another, and I thought I d just relax in your car for a minute and have a smoke I guess a pod must have jumped, because the nex...

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    This was shaping up to be an eight doughnut day. Seriously I want Stephanie s metabolism Where do I sign up for this If I had an eight doughnut day, I would have the get the word Goodyear tattooed across my ginormous body Also the only way to get me to sporting events.So, another day, another dollar If Stephanie can bring in a crazy lunatic that keeps trying to set her on fire And, if she can lose the newest guys who are following her around town Plus, she has to hope that her new dog, Bob, doesn t just eat her paycheck He eats everything else That s funny, Lula said Didn t you put those nuggets on the bucket lid I can t find that bucket lid anywhere We all looked at Bob He had a small piece of cardboard stuck to his lip. I have a dog like that Around Christmastime, it looks like we own a unicorn because of all of the colored poop in the yard I swear she s half goat That sounds about right.The other problem is that Ranger, Steph s friend and mentor, is accused of murder and she s trying to help him sort things out Ranger has a habit of showing up in Stephanie s apartment in the middle of the night to get status updates Bob isn t much of a watchdog either, because he doesn t even wake up when Ranger breaks in Or, when the multitude of other people break in to her apartment It seems like everyone can pick a lock except Stephanie She really is a terrible bounty hunter Hilarious, outrage...

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    Romulans, its always the Romulans Rereadagain April 2018 I love these books I have my daughters read them so they can be prepared for me in my old age I already have a red corvette picked out.

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    Mooner, Ranger, homicidal maniacs, a Rollswagon, dog poo, a dead guy in a lawn chair, the nemesis from hell, a Star Trek party and eccentric Grandma Mazur all make up my favorite Stephanie Plum novel so far Lots of laugh out loud moments and great secondary characters.

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    Janet Evanovich has done it again, she made me snort coffee out of my nose and she left me with stomach ache from laughing so hard This is without a doubt one of my favourite comedic series and I m enjoying it just as much on a reread.Stephanie is one of the most completely clueless bounty hunters you ll ever come across, you d think she might be getting the hang of things by now but really she just blunders along in her own little world seemingly catching the bad guys by accident I know she s a klutz and I know she s totally hopeless but I can t help it, I love her anyway Her sassy attitude and snark is a constant source of amusement and her crazy family and fun sidekicks just add to the hilarity Grandma Mazur gets a lot of page time in this book and I love that nutty old bird just as much, you can definitely tell which side of the family Stephanie takes after.Just when you think Stephanie has her love life sorted something comes along and mixes it up, in this case it s her growing attraction to Ranger and his darkly seductive flirting that sends her pulse racing Ranger is in trouble and for once he s the one who needs Stephanie s help He s been set up for murder and it s up to our hap...

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    This is the 6th book in the Stephanie Plum series and by far the best so far Grandma Masur, the dog and Lula made this story priceless Although I am new to this series , and reading them in order I can see where the Joe vs Ranger love triangle may get to be annoying for a lack of a bette...

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    Mystery Stephanie Plum Being tailed Again Car on fire Again Has an unwelcome houseguest Again I was warned these books get predictable, but Ididn t think it d be this bad Okay, okay, I m shaking it off This here s the book where Ranger s wanted for questioning in connection to a fire and also a murder and has Stephanie doi...

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    All I can say is Ranger Morelli Who could choose

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