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One Dance with the SheikhNunca Uma Fuga Tivera Tais Consequ NciasUma Fuga Inesperada E Cheia De Paix O Para Las Vegas Com Um Xeque Era Algo Impens Vel Para A Sensata Laurel Kincaid Sempre Fizera O Que Se Esperava Dela E Isso Causara Lhe Um Stress Tremendo Por Isso Decidiu Ceder Tenta O E Abalar Para Las Vegas Com O Atraente Rakin Whitcomb Abdellah Rakin Era T O Irresist Vel Que Quando Lhe Pediu Para Se Casar Com Ele Para Poder Receber A Sua Heran A, Disse Lhe Que Sim O Que Nenhum Dos Dois Esperava Era Que Ser Marido E Mulher Fosse T O Excitante, E De S Bito As Regras Desse Casamento De Conveni Ncia Come Aram A Parecer Lhes Um Estorvo.

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10 thoughts on “One Dance with the Sheikh

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    This is another Kincaid book about the oldest daughter Lauren who jilted Eli in the last book Laurel has always been perfect, trying to be a role model for her siblings, working for the company but she is tired of it and wants adventure.The hero is a friend of her ex fiancee who needs a temporary wife and Lauren fits the bill, so he takes her on an adventure to Vegas and afterwards propositions her, marry him temporarily and in return he would help her family s struggling company.They get married and it is kind of platonic, but they do sleep together a few time then suddenly Lauren falls for him and when the hero expresses his desire to not...

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    Lovely Loved both hero and heroine Loved the end..

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    Loved the book there s nothing like a sexy sheikh to make fun reading Laurel was tired of being the sensible sister, and decided to make a Get a Life list On that list was flirt with a stranger Rakin was fascinated by Laurel when he met her at Eli and Kara s wedding Eli had suggested asking Laurel for her help in claiming his inheritance, so that is what he did He offered Laurel the opportunity for the adventures she wanted in exchange for her help Once they were married, Laurel found herself really liking Rakin and the man she was getting to know That liking turned into love, and she started to dream of a future with him Rakin had not really been exposed to love, and had had no intention of marrying As he gave in to his attraction for Laurel, the intensity made him very nervous and he kept trying to withdraw and bury his feelings When their differing outlooks caused a rift, Laurel returned to Charl...

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    As temperaturas t m estado horrivelmente altas e a necessidade de ler coisas mais ligeiras apoderou se da minha pessoa Enquanto pesquisa as minhas possibilidades cruzei me com este livro e pensei que seria uma excelente oportunidade de sair um bocadinho da onda de crimes, sangue e livros com tem ticas mais densas.De facto, um ...

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    I fould the story very enjoyable I do wish it gave a little insight to the murder of her father, and about her half brother Jack The way the series was written it s leaving a lot of pressure to sum it all up on one suthors shoulders.

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    As we are getting to the last book,I have my suspect who killed Patriarch Kincaid We will see if I am right Also I have an idea who has the last 10%.Thank goodness Laurel decided to let loose after breaking off with Eli Also Eli playing cupid without realizing it could or would...

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    M gstamiausia knygos citata Gerumas n ra nuobodus.

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    This Kincaid series just isn t hooking my interest I m having trouble caring about who killed the father, or why he led a double life with two families for several decades The characters just seem shall...

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    not at all a bad read, just pretty predictable the obscenely rich sheikh who needs to cpontract a marriage of convenience in order to become the head of the company he runs, and the heroine who has a heart of gold and routinely puts everyone else s needs above her own.

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    Este libro me recordo mucho a otros protagonistas. supongo que por eso les doy 4 estrellas P ademas de que tengo debilidad por los jeques de los hermanos Kincaid esta es mi favorita..

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