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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the STUPID FLIES book, this is one of the most wanted Marshall Street author readers around the world.

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    STUPID FLIES is a novel that follows a cast of dynamic, often gritty characters in rural Australia The novel is set against the backdrop of a feud between farmers, exploring its characters with heavy use of internal monologue and stream of consciousness writing style The writing style is truly no holds barred You get an unfiltered look at each characters thoughts as raw and course as they may be As I read each character s stream of thoughts, with a variety of course descriptions and sometimes strong language, I was reminded a bit of James Joyce s Ulysses a compliment, as this is one of my favorite books Through a mosaic of character experiences, you get the plot a gripping tale of allegiance, conflict, and growth I d recommend this book to you if you want t...

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    Give this book a go I ll admit it s not my normal read, usually what I read has magic and fantasy in there somewhere But Marshall asked me to give it a read, and the first few chapters took some concentration There s quite a bit to take in and the grammar style is unusual for me But then I read this line Life Struggle from one kick in the guts to the next Like if the receptionist chucked sand in your eyes before you went in to see the dentist Will take your mind off the needles How fucken cruel It both made me think and made me chuckle which about sums up the whole book.Marshall s style is to present the reader with thought provoking prose, that slips in humor in unexpected places, often with a very Australian flavor to it.This is a read with adult content, though the style of book that it is, that won t surprise most readers I just like to pop that into my reviews because I ve also written reviews for children s and young adult books And I guess I m a little on the conservative side because the first mention of anything adult in a book makes me blush We start the story with Douglas Bruce Bones, who s now quite old and quite drunk or getting drunk or sobering up The story is told in such a way that the timeline i...

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    I ve spent all day trying to craft this review I don t really know where to start with it, so I m going to just list.What I DIDN T like about it The unconventional use of punctuation marks Instead of italics and speech marks, the author uses to denote internal thoughts, and to denote speech As someone who does editing freelance, this almost made my inner editor commit suicide But, once I learned to ignore it, it was easier The complete lack of definable genre.It s literary fiction, but it s hard to tell whether or not it s also non fiction, a crime fiction, or a drama I know it s something, and the fact that I don t know what it is has been niggling at my brain I m just going to call it Surreal Experimental , and that s it Bill Bones internal thoughts He s written to speak normally, but thinks in literal spelling, his words spelt the way you say them That pretty much did kill my inner editor, by the end Things I DID like It pushes the bounds.Without a definable genre, Stupid Flies can fall anywhere, do anything, and still get it right It s surreal Like, super surreal It s surreal than anything I ve ever read And I did a Surreal and Exper...

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