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Thomas Stearns Eliot was a poet, dramatist and literary critic He received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1948 for his outstanding, pioneer contribution to present day poetry He wrote the poems The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock, The Waste Land, The Hollow Men, Ash Wednesday, and Four Quartets the plays Murder in the Cathedral and The Cocktail Party and the essay Tradition and the Individ

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    Cocktail Party, T.S EliotCharacters Edward Chamberlayne, Julia Mrs Shuttlethwaite , Celia Coplestone, Alexander Maccolgie Gibbs, Peter Quilpe, An Unidentified Guest later identified as Sir Henry Harcourt Reilly, Lavinia Chamberlayne, A Nurse Secretary, Caterer s ManAct I Scene 1The drawing room of the Chamberlayne s London flat Early evening EDWARD CHAMBERLAYNE, JULIA SHUTTLETHWAITE, CELIA COPLESTONE, PETER QUILPE, ALEXANDER MACCOLGIE GIBBS, and an UNIDENTIFIED GUEST.ALEX You ve missed the point completely, Julia There were no tigers That was the point.JULIA Then what were you doing, up in a tree You and the Maharaja ALEX My dear Julia It s perfectly hopeless You haven t been listening.PETER You ll have to tell us all over again, Alex.ALEX I ne...

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    We die to each other daily.What we know of other peopleIs only our memory of the momentsDuring which we knew them And they have changed since then.To pretend that they and we are the sameIs a useful and convenient social conventionWhich must sometimes broken We must also rememberThat at every meeting we are meeting a stranger TS Eliot said of The Cocktail Party, Whatever you find in it depends on what you bring to it Which, of course, applies to much of his work How much The Cocktail Party resonates with you, as the reader, as the witness to its events, will depend on your experiences in the world The story surrounds a failing marriage at a crossroad The details of the drama become apparent through conversations during and after the cocktail party and conclude with another party two years later The catalyst that helps unfold the mystery is the Unidentified Guest who turns out to be a highly regarded psychiatrist, Sir Henry Harcourt Reilly The husband, Edward, abandoned by his wife, Lavinia, before the cocktail party that she planned, first opens up to this mysterious guest because he s a stranger To whi...

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    Bosh sprinkled with mystic cologne, tooted critic George Jean Nathan when this play opened NYC, 1950, and won Best Play Tony and ran almost a year Broadway then Broadway now honking vulgarity aimed at tourists Thoughtful New Yorkers today prefer creative cuisine and restorative sex Remember the TS Eliot craze It went on and on Receiving the blessing of Lucempire, TS made the TIME cover, March 5, 1950, shortly after his platitude opened Others equally blessed Stephen King, Erma Brombeck, Neil Simon, Michael Crichton.I read this in school, curled up to the recorded version and inhaled the opium God Poetry linked in a drawing room comedy Sweet Jesso Would you like some sherry asked Maman Fuck the sherry Dado is mixing me a vodka martini Now I see that TS Missouri born, an Anglo Cat who became a naturalized Brit was like some ingenue Methodist boning up, as it was suggested, for his examinations in Catholicism.God appears as an Unidentified Guest at a cocktailer where Knightsbridgies blither about amorous problems Mrs Shuttlethwaite, Peter Quilpe, Edward Chamberlayne Warning avoid Americans, like TS, who settle in the UK.The mistress of a married man cannot accept his spurn God advises her to do for Others Off she pops to a 3d world country where, we learn ACT 3, the natives crucified her on an...

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    Occorre ricordare che ad ogni incontro incontriamo un estraneo .Con Eliot sono andata al buio Il testo che ho riportava commedia e non ero assolutamente preparata a leggere quello che ho trovato E un dramma della miglior specie Ho faticato all inizio proprio perch cercavo quel brio che mi aspettavo di trovare fra un gin e un cocktail Niente di pi lontano Eliot scava nell animo umano con uno scalpello affilatissimo e ci mette davanti ad uno specchio Edward scopre all improvviso che Lavinia, sua moglie, lo ha abbandonato Da qui partono le riflessioni sul rapporto di coppia, vuoto, sterile, inutile se non nell unire due solitudini, ma neanche per questo a volte, perch i due mondi rimangono perfettamente distinti e distanti Edward non sa amare Lavinia non sa come farsi amare Ed entrambi si ritrovano rapporti extraconiugali che non riescono a gestire Lavinia con Peter, che la abbandona, ed Edward con Celia E lei il capro espiatorio di queste incomprensioni d animo, lei con parole durissime a rendersi conto della condizione di ogni singolo essere umano Voglio dir, quel che mi accaduto mi ha...

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    I re read this play every other year or so, it just never stops having meaning for me I first went to a performance of it in college, and I went back the night after, and the night after that I couldn t get enough I think th...

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