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The Final Testimony of Raphael Ignatius Phoenix My Name Is Raphael Ignatius Phoenix And I Am A Hundred Years Old Or Will Be In Ten Days Time, In The Early Hours Of January 1st, 2000, When I Kill Myself Raphael Ignatius Phoenix Has Had Enough Born At The Beginning Of The 20th Century, He Is Determined To Take His Own Life As The Old Millennium Ends And The New One Begins But Before He Ends It All, He Wants To Get His Affairs In Order And Put The Record Straight, And That Includes Making Sense Of His Own Long Life A Life That Spanned The Century He Decides To Write It All Down And, Eschewing The Usual Method Of Pen And Paper, Begins To Record His Story On The Walls Of The Isolated Castle That Is His Final Home Beginning With A Fateful First Adventure With Emily, The Childhood Friend Who Would Become His Constant Companion, Raphael Remembers The Multitude Of Experiences, The Myriad Encounters And, Of Course, The Ten Murders He Committed Along The Way.And So Begins One Man S Wholly Unorthodox Account Of The Twentieth Century Or Certainly His Own Riotous, Often Outrageous, Somewhat Unreliable And Undoubtedly Singular Interpretation Of It.

He was educated at Merchant Taylors School and St John s College, Cambridge, where he won a Joseph Larmor Award and a boxing blue His novels have been translated into 33 languages and are set mainly in Egypt, where he worked for many years as a field archaeologist, notably with the Amarna Royal Tombs Project in the Valley of the Kings Among other finds, he unearthed the only items of pharaonic

[[ Ebook ]] ➨ The Final Testimony of Raphael Ignatius Phoenix  Author Paul Sussman – Girlnailart.us
  • Hardcover
  • 368 pages
  • The Final Testimony of Raphael Ignatius Phoenix
  • Paul Sussman
  • English
  • 20 July 2019
  • 9780857522184

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    Think of Forrest Gump, But in backward..with every meaning of Backward Where Life is not like a box of Chocolate, it s like a box of deathly bullets You never know WHO are you gonna give ,Oh and a Pill.Not only bullets, 10 to be exact,there s also The Pill, One and half grains of strychnine, one and half grains of arsenic, half a grain of salt of hydrocyanic acid and half of a grain of crushed ipecacuanha root..With this deathly Pill, Raphael Ignatius Phoenix R.I.P gonna end his life..and as I said it s really like Forrest Gump, just in backward First Backward You see, He s Telling his story in actual backward..Well, actually he s writing it on a vast white walls of a castle s rooms he s living in. just like old Egyptian Pharaohs. I guess Paul Sussman really was inspired by the Egyptology from very early stage of his writings He starts writing from his last event, to the one next before yes, this expressions you re gonna read at his tale to the next before and so on till his birth.It was actually fun, reminded me a bit of the way the movie Memento 2000 was go...

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    As soon as I saw the title of this book The Final Testimony of Raphael Ignatius Phoenix I knew I wanted to read it, it s as simple as that really I can t tell you why, I just did Maybe the title reminded me of one of my favourite films The Princess Bride and its main character Inigo Montoya who proclaimed that you killed his father, prepare to die Maybe Raphael reminded me of Johnny Depp s character in Don Juan de Marco I have no idea Whatever the reason, and granted neither of the two aforementioned characters have anything to do with the book, I can t tell you how delighted I am to have experienced such a magical and distinct voice in Raphael Ignatius Phoenix.Quite clearly if you haven t guessed by now this is one of my favourite books and main protagonists I ve had the pleasure in reading for a number of years, this book and Raphael will stay with me for some time to come What made the experience all the poignant is that I discovered the author, Paul Sussman, died in 2012 aged just 45 of a ruptured aneurysm, a great loss to publishing I ve not had the opportunity to read his other books but given that this, his first novel, shows so much strength and character I have no option other than to experience his later work One thing is cert...

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    What an original and delightful book this is It languished in the author s desk after being rejected yet again, it astonishes me just how short sighted publishers can be until after his all too early death when his wife retrieved it and prepared it for publication Paul Sussman had gone on to write some well received detective novels but this first book is quite different quirky, slightly surreal and absurd, but rooted firmly enough in reality to make both plot and main character easy to believe in It s the story of Raphael Phoenix, born at the turn of the nineteenth century and planning his death for the turn of the twentieth, something he intends to do in a quite unorthodox way But then his whole life has been pretty unorthodox, and as he writes his account of it before committing suicide, we go back in time to learn how he became a serial killer not that he intended being responsible for all those deaths I m not going to say ...

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    How truly incredible to believe that at one time the author, Paul Sussman, had given up on the manuscript for this book, and after he sadly died in May 2012 we, the reader, had the good fortune that his wife picked it up again and co edited the final draft, which portrays the magical humour of the author.Raphael Ignatius Phoenix RIP was born at the beginning of the 20th century and will be 100 years old as the millennium ends.He is determined to write his fantastical life story on the castle walls where he lives, which includes 10 murders that he has committed, before popping in a suicide pill, a pill that he s been carrying around for about 90 of those years I, personally, found this to be one of the most beautiful and satisfying of reads the murders were inventive and humorous, the antics of our anti hero were sublimely comical, and the writing was so wonderful in that the pages simply raced by.I didn t want this hilarious ride to finish, I re...

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    I started out liking this book and by the end I could not wait to finish it and just be done I loved the initial story but nothing interesting ever happened really The ending in particular disappointed me, as I kept hoping for a grand finish that essentially just flopped Complete waste of my time.

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    Usually I distrust these novels with wordy titles They have a certain rhythm which you know when you see it I m sure some of them are well intentioned, but many strike me as intended to catch the reader s eye in a bookshop full of otherwise indistinguishable coloured spines So when I picked this up in my local library, I thought this might be one of those But then I flicked through the pages at random and thought the writing was rather good Quite funny A bit silly A bit lewd All things I like So I took it home And I enjoyed it very much I knew nothing about Paul Sussman beforehand, so I was surprised to discover that before the main text comes a foreword In this, he is introduced, and it is explained to the reader that this book was not actually published in the author s lifetime Begun in the early years of his career, the manuscript was worked on over many years while he achieved some commercial and critical success with a series of four archaeological thrillers, and though it appears to have been finished, it was never considered for publication until after his recent sudden, tragic death It s worth noting that because I am insufferable, and because I d genuinely never heard of the author, I had to look all this up after reading the foreword just to check that it wasn t some kind of tricksy literary joke It is all true The book opens with Raphael Phoenix approaching his hundredth ...

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    Lively, fast paced and you cannot help but fall for Raphael Ignatius Phoenix.

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    The first thing that drew me to this novel was its spectacular cover, but it was nothing compared to the curiosity that hit me when I read the first few lines of the synopsis I knew I wanted to read it and skipped over the rest of the synopsis which I now consider a good thing because everything was a surprise.There is something spectacularly absurd about this novel Absurdist fiction explores human behaviour by placing the characters in circumstances that seem utterly without purpose and empty Look at Waiting for Godot, a play in which two characters do nothing but wait, for both acts There is no clear moral to Absurdist narratives, there seems to be no overarching theme, but rather there is just life and behaviour Raphael s life, which is just one chapter after the other, one murder after the other, allows Sussman to show the reader a person who simply lives He doesn t seem to really react to what happens, but rather he just acts while the world reacts around him Partially this makes Raphael a very unlikable person because he seems to be so completely unnatural It also makes him absolutely fascinating however because through him you re able to simply look at humans There are a lot of amazing moments in this novel that are so incredibly human, in which people behave so naturally and everything they do is so recognizable This allows for the novel to be an...

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    Hmm after finishing this book I felt regret that I d spent my time on it I don t mind surreal, far fetched stories, but the main character here was so utterly vile, and other characters were almost cartoon like with unnecessarily silly made up names , that I kept hoping for something better to come along, some redeeming factor to explain things However, that didn t happen It was, for the most part, well written, but with a numb...

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    Bit repetitive with a disappointing ending, but it was interesting while it lasted.

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