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Sallys Silly Hair Day Best Selling Children S Book Authors Mark Smith Julie Richmond Team Up To Bring You One Of The Cutest, Silliest Rhyming Picture Books That Every Little Girl Is Sure To Love This Fully Illustrated Picture Book Comes To Life With Bright Vibrant Colors, And Illustrations That Will Make You Laugh Sally S Silly Hair Day Is A Silly Rhyming Picture Book For Girls Age 3 9, But The Kid In All Of Us Will Laugh And Giggle Right Along With Our Children What If I Was A Princess With Hair That Was Shiny And Bright My Hair Would Be Full Of Jewels That Sparkle With Delight What Would My Hair Look Like If I Lived In The Sky It Would Be White Fluffy Clouds, And I Would Float Right By What Other Types Of Silly Hair Does Sally Think Of Pick Up A Copy Of This Funny Picture Book And Find Out For Yourself

As a young boy, Mark always enjoyed reading, writing and the outdoors His father took him on many fabulous outdoor adventures that just fueled his passion for nature By the time he was 13 years old, he was swimming with dolphins, manatees and sharks He became a certified scuba diver at this young age and spent his summers diving in the Florida Keys with his father and older brother He has been

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    Good book.Kids liked it My 6 year old grandson wanted me to read it over and over Would read it again.

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    A Delightful, Colorful Children s Book for Girls What a cute idea this children s book offers little girls All little girls want to change their hair to make them uniquely stand out Little Sally doesn t think her hair is that unique, so she wants to sample some different ideas Like pink, with a red bow So she spends the day trying different styles like a pony tail, or a bun no, she looks too old like grandma How about a bird nest Would birds dive bomb her trying to lay eggs Flowing green like a mermaid How bout dazzling with gems She tries everything imaginable, but she f...

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    Sally s Silly Hair Day is a delightful story about a little girl who decides to do something different with her hair She uses her imagination to create vivid pictures of what her hair would be like in several extraordinary situations, such as if she were a princess or a mermaid or lived in the sky She imagines her hair as a bird s nest, train tracks, a rainbow or made of different types of food, i.e spaghetti, cotton candy, ice cream After she imagines many different scenarios, she realizes she likes her hair best just the way it is.I like this book s message that children are beautiful exactly the way they are but at the same time it s fun to imagine what it would be like if thi...

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    Whatever will I do with my hair today Author Mark Smith and his wife, illustrator Julie Richmond have created a very cute and meaningful book for girls although the message is good for boys too with Sally s Silly Hair Day Sally likes her own hair but wonders what she would look like with all kinds of fantastical creations on her head such as peacock feathers, raindrops, c...

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    When it comes to children s books and Mark Smith, I have learned to expect to laugh a lot Sally s Silly Hair Day by Mark Smith was no exception I laughed from page one.He states at the beginning of the book, This book was created to put a smile on your face, and make you laugh He accomplished his goal It is cute, funny, and with a bit of rhyming thrown in to make it flow this b...

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    Sally s Silly Hair Day is a rhyming book that made the children giggle when I read it to them the boys too I knew it was a hit when they went off to free play time and in dramatic play they were playing silly hair day with lots of pretend new hair styles and giggles Sally s Silly Hair Day is an easy book to read and I asked the children what they thought Sally would do ne...

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    These two books are cute rhyming books that are great for kids working on phonemic awareness needed skill to learn to read also the rhymes are just plain fun to read out loud I love that all girls can be pretty, especially now days with the impossible perfection expected of all women and girls according to the media Everyone is special in their...

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    Sally is a little girl who loves her hair But, like all little girls she wonders what it would be like to have hair made from other things, thing we would not necessarily think of She imagines her hair made of rain drops, bubbles, clouds, candy, grass, spaghetti and much This is a fun book full of imagination This is a book that I can read with my...

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    The pictures of the different hair types styles were cute, but my attention started wandering before the end I don t know if it loses children s attention or not Might have my niece read it and get her opinion.

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