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Between Now and Forever (Callaways, #4) From 1 NY Times Bestselling Author Barbara Freethy Comes A Romantic And Suspenseful New Novel In The Popular Family Series, The Callaways Nicole Met Ryan When He Was A Handsome, Cocky Teenager With A Desire To Fly High Above The Clouds Ryan Encouraged Nicole To Dream Big And Promised Her A Lifetime Of Happiness, But Several Years Into Their Lives Together, They Were Faced With Obstacles Bigger Than Either Had Ever Imagined Their Love Faltered They Lost Their Way And Considered What Had Once Been Unthinkable The End Of Their Forever But Now Fate Throws Them A Curve, An Event That Forces Them Back Together, That Strips Their Emotions Bare And Is Both Terrifying And Strangely Unifying For The First Time In A Long While They Have To Face Each Other, And Not Only Talk But Also Listen, Because Their Lives Depend On It Not Only Their Lives, But Also The Life Of Their Six Year Old Son Secrets And Lies Frame A Perilous Journey To The Truth That Takes Nicole And Ryan To Angel S Bay, A Place Where Miracles Sometimes Happen But In Order To Get That Miracle, Nicole And Ryan Must Work Together And Learn How To Trust And Love Each Other Again Only Then Will They Be Able To Save Their Family And Find Their Way To Happily Ever After.

Barbara s love of writing developed out of a love of reading Growing up in an all boy neighborhood, she spent quite a bit of time reading through her mother s large library, many of which were romantic novels After graduating from the University of California at Santa Barbara, she went into Public Relations, but soon discovered that writing was her true passion.Barbara was traditionally publishe

[PDF / Epub] ✈ Between Now and Forever (Callaways, #4)  ☀ Barbara Freethy – Girlnailart.us
  • Paperback
  • 140 pages
  • Between Now and Forever (Callaways, #4)
  • Barbara Freethy
  • English
  • 03 January 2018
  • 9780988662094

10 thoughts on “Between Now and Forever (Callaways, #4)

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    Barbara Freethy has done it again The Callaway clan drew me in from the beginning The story of Nicole and Ryan has mystery, suspense and romance It is always great to catch up with the Callways This book is a part of a series but can be read as a stand alone.

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    Solid 5 Stars I heard Barbara Freethy speak at RWA 2015 and was very impressed When I discovered this book on sale for 99 cents and the audio version for 1.99, I decided it was time to read one of her books I m so glad I found this one Nicole Prescott is estranged from her husband when their autistic son, Brandon disappears from the Halloween school festival Her soon to be ex husband joins her as they search for their missing son.As they follow the clues to their little boy, Nicole and Ryan must move beyond their differences if they want to find Brandon While on their journey, can they find their way back to each other and reunite their family Oh, my, Between Now and Forever is a riveting read filled with heart wrenching emotion The pacing is fast, keeping me in its thrall from the first page to the last The plot is extremely well developed, and the characters have wonderful depth Ms Freethy sprinkles in their backstory as she spins this tale of parents who are experiencing their worst nightmare.Nicole s character is wonderfully complex with many facets to her personality I particularly enjoyed her self realization that she was as much to blame for her separation from her husband as he It showed a fantastic character arch I could fe...

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    I have been waiting for Nicole and Ryan s story ever since we were introduced to Brandon, because any story about them was bound to tell us about Brandon I have been really curious about Brandon s condition and have been hoping for a miracle for him.Nicole and Ryan have been together since they can remember They were so much in love They have always been there for each other But with Brandon being diagnosed with Autism, their different outlook of the situation wedged a gap between them, especially since instead of being each other s priority, Brandon took up all of their energies Sometime along the way, they just stopped talking to each other making that gap between them seem just too big to be bridged ever again Falling for a Stranger Callaways 3 , we found out that Ryan had moved out and that they were taking a break with things moving towards a divorce But an unexpected and heartbreaking event brings them back together Nicole and Ryan now must work together to bring their son back home Under dire situations, they face than the unknown enemy, they face the truth about themselves Will they find their way back to each other I have to admit that I have been fascinated by Nicole and Ryan mostly because of Brandon An autistic child needs ...

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    3.5 4 STARSAnother good book in The Callaways series This one is telling the story of Nicola Callaway, she has an autistic son, her marriage has broken down and she s missing her estranged husband.When tragedy strikes she needs her soon to be ex like she never has before, will he be there for he...

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    A couple since their teens, Nicole and Ryan started an idyllic life Everything is fine until their five year old adopted son Brandon is diagnosed with autism, and the strain as they seek out multiple ineffective treatments, deal with increased costs and Nicole finds herself juggling her time and attention between husband and child Ryan is feeling ignored and unwanted, and shuffled to the side, reignighting his own issues with his own father as a child. A common issue with couples after children, let alone those who require special care and attention, but Ryan s own feelings of inadequacy and abandonment from his own childhood make his position almost untenable Ryan and Nicole have separated she s raising Brandon herself and dealing with his behavioral quirks But, when a few moments of inattention lead to Brandon s kidnapping, the story ramps up to bring Ryan and Nicole together in search of their son Secondary plot involving Jessica and Sean and the kidnapping of Jessica s son Kyle which will be the cornerstone of the next book, but yet another Callaway in the horizon Nicole and Ryan have plenty of love for one another, but their own issues surrounding Brandon and Nicole s guilt over his disappearance are simply issues that new parents need to learn to work with and around While Ryan is learning to be honest and open, and sharing of his history, Nicole is seeing him in a new light While I think that there was far too glossy a depiction of autism, and Brandon s sudd...

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    What would you do for those you love How far would you go to protect them This book really had me pondering that question Nicole and Ryan fell in love as teens They married and adopted their son Brandon as a baby Everything seemed perfect until Brandon was diagnosed with autism Nicole and Ryan are now on the verge of divorce When Brandon disappears both are beside themselves Now they must work together to get him back Along the way they are co...

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    I found it rather insulting to kids with autism and their families, which is unfortunate I ve enjoyed some of the author s other work, but really wish sometime had been spent with adoptive families of children severely impacted by autism.

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    The plot lines of these books just keep getting and soap opera y Not going to lie, crazy plot linee aside I loved this couple the most out of the four books I ve read so far It helped that I felt they had the most realistic connection, what with them being married but separated.

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    I really love this series and the Callaway family This was a clean romance with a twist The couple s son is kidnapped and new family connections are found along the way Beautifully written it makes you want to hold your loved ones close.

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    3.5 StarsBarbara Freethy is an author I see frequently in the emails I receive daily that offer book deals, so I decided to give Between Now and Forever a chance I love a second chance love story especially one of a married couple Throw in some suspense, and I was hooked But not wanting to give away too much of the story makes it hard to write a review So I ll just say this this was a good, solid romantic suspense book I loved reading Nicole and Ryan s story As much as I don t want to read about what made a couple fall apart, I think the author did a good job explaining how difficult it is on a marriage when a child isn t completely healthy If it seems like I m being vague here, it s because I am this book deserves to be read without spoilers Throw in baggage from when a partner was growing up, and you could completely understand how this marriage went off the rails Nicole and Ryan didn t fall out of love with each other, they were just overwhelmed dealing with their child s needs.Where this story went sideways for me was in the execution of the suspense Maybe it s just me, but this book had a very Nancy Drew Hardy Boys vibe to it The twists and turns were surprising and well developed, but no way would law enforcement be okay with parents investigating a crime the magnitude of what takes place in this ...

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