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The Tyranny of Clichés An Indispensable And Enduring Field Guide To The Arguments The Left Makes And The Ones It Tries To Avoid The Claremont Review Of Books According To Jonah Goldberg, If The Greatest Trick The Devil Ever Pulled Was Convincing The World He Didn T Exist, The Greatest Trick Liberals Ever Pulled Was Convincing Themselves They Re Not Ideological Today, Objective Journalists, Academics, And Moderate Politicians Peddle Some Of The Most Radical Arguments By Hiding Them In Homespun Apho Risms Barack Obama Casts Himself As A Disciple Of Reason He S A Pragmatist, Opposed To The Ideology And Drama Of The Right, Solely Concerned With What Works And Today S Liberals Follow His Lead, Spouting Countless Clich S Such As One Man S Terrorist Is Another Man S Freedom Fighter Sure, If The Other Man Is An Idiot Was Martin Luther King Jr A Terrorist Was Bin Laden A Freedom Fighter Violence Never Solves Anything Really It Solved Our Problems With King George III And Ended Slavery We Need Complete Separation Of Church And State In Other Words, All Expressions Of Faith Should Be Barred From Politics Except When They Support Liberal Programs With Humor And Passion, Goldberg Dismantles These And Many Other Trojan Horses That Liberals Use To Cheat In The War Of Ideas He Shows That The Pro Gressive Tradition Of Denying An Ideological Agenda While Pursuing It Vigorously Under The False Flag Of Reasonableness Is Alive And Well And He Reveals How This Dangerous Game May Lead Us Further Down The Path Of Self Destruction.

Jonah Jacob Goldberg is an American conservative syndicated columnist and author Goldberg is known for his contributions on politics and culture to National Review Online, where he is the editor at large He is the author of Liberal Fascism, which reached 1 on the New York Times Best Seller list.

[[ Reading ]] ➼ The Tyranny of Clichés  Author Jonah Goldberg – Girlnailart.us
  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • The Tyranny of Clichés
  • Jonah Goldberg
  • English
  • 02 July 2018
  • 9781595231024

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    I normally do not read too often books which are TOO overtly political often these are just distasteful and overdone exercises in rhetoric which whip up a loyal base and leave all others annoyed or alienated This is true for both right and left.Ann Coulter, to use a prominent example, calls herself a Polemicist one who deliberately deals with controversy, and that statement is quite accurate, to her credit Such is their domain, leave them well alone.But Goldberg is a new and insidious breed he is a polemicist or rambler who thinks himself a serious intellectual, and attempts to write a book of ideas The book falls apart halfway through the title Cliches are indeed tyrannical, but he falls victim to them His first book, Liberal Fascism , is filled with torturous and fallacious logic Hitler was a vegetarian, therefore all fascists are Vegetarians I confess I have not read it entirely.A main underlying theme is his conflation of the modern American Left with Totalitarian Communism Liberals in his view, believe in government intervention in some economic matters Totalitarians believe in total government control of all aspects of society Because both of these actions involve government, therefore the two are the same But Connecticut is not Cambodia New York ...

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    Just try to read it with an open mind I ve said that over and over and over I know going in thatsadlymany if not most here will decide without even reading it that they disagree with it.Why Because they ve been told what to think, they just refuse to realize or admit it.Disagree with me Then give yourself a chance and TRY to read this or some other non politically correct non left wing book and THINK about what is there.Many of the most influential and coherent conservativ...

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    I don t watch much TV so I did not know who Mr Goldberg is I guess he is considered to be a sort of right winger But, his writing is great and he exposes modern cliches I heard him interviewed on PBS radio and knew I had to read the book I did my normal cautious approach ordered a Kindle sample then got hooked I have been quoting some great lines from the book I did not think that it was a criticism of Liberals unless of course you call all people who have knee jerk reactions to things liberal, but there is enough of that running around to fill up the christmas stockings for every political party After I read the book I sent Mr Goldberg an email telling him what I thought of the book and asking why the Liberal schtick I suggested that it might have been a way to sell books He wrote right back and admitted that he gave in to his publishers and allowed them to add the tag line I appreciated his immediate response and candor If you want to come up feeling a bit cy...

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    Ok, so I got an advance copy Really, really entertaining book Because Liberal Fascism was such a controversial thesis, Jonah couldn t really be as entertaining as he usually is with the writing of that book in order soberly buttress his argument This book is much in the voice of Jonah the columnist and blogger He does a lot of intellectual ...

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    Some of the chapters are quite good and examples of them are presently pertinent in USA political speech during the current 2016 primaries The speech that I commonly hear and read every day from both major political parties in the USA Because the politico in power consistently re define and interpret what is socially good or desired And use rhetoric that in the end means little but installing a term or category to do what is best , usually with themselves as exceptions to the results Altogether these cliches do negate any real dissent or disagreement from the firm and particular ideologue stance of we know better Disagreement is interpreted now as being stupidity, ignorance of emotive understanding, fodder for satire, mean belittling selfishness for the attitude of the dissenter or just other numerous whole worldview you are with me or against me social engineering hubris Hubris that draws a line at what is best American A rhetoric that truly means nothing but a stoppage for any other view towards action.This book, despite the title, does not only detail how liberals cheat And the focus of the book is a smattering of issues that are not solidified into connecting category but it did hold examples Examples of double face and repeat baloney that I hear coming out of politicians mouths every day Sometimes it is as if within a week, s...

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    review We are only as free as the least free among us Is that really true, or is it the kind of statement most people will nod at without actually thinking about Best selling conservative author Jonah Goldberg calls it a liberal clich fundamentally wrong and potentially very dangerous.According to Goldberg, if the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn t exist, the greatest trick liberals ever pulled was convincing themselves they re not ideological Today objective journalists and academics and moderate politicians peddle some of the most radical arguments by hiding them in homespun aphorisms Barack Obama casts himself as a disciple of reason and sticks to one refrain above all others he s a pragmatist, opposed to the ideology and dogma of the right, solely concerned with what works And today s liberals follow his lead, spouting countless clich s.Goldberg exposes the truth behind many of these clich s, including the living constitution, social justice, and even simple words like inquisition With humor and passion, he dismantles these Trojan horses to show how our thinking is profoundly shaped by deeply ideological concepts and convenient myths that most of us accept uncritically to our great detriment.You ll learn the real history of dangerous liberal clich s, such as Better ten guilty men go free than one innocent man be put behind bars One man s terrorist is another man s freedom fighter Vio...

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    Certainly much food for thought in this book and equally as many topics to toss around with others who enjoy political discourse I found myself nodding in agreement with some of author Jonah Goldberg s assertions while shaking my head at others No matter what, my mind was ...

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    My guess is this book will be treated in much the same way as Jonah s previous one those who find themselves on the unfavorable side of his arguments will either misunderstand or willfully misconstrue his actual thesis and then go about setting that strawman ablaze.I vividly recall a political light bulb switching on for me when I read Kuhn s The Structure of Scientific Revolutions in my freshman year of college neither scientists nor politicians are ever free from prior philosophical commitments, and the ones who claim they are tend to be the most dangerous The dogmatic anti dogmatist, the creedal unideologue their insistence that they are simply following the facts to what works is a smokescreen covering up a long list if ideologically prior commitments to which questions should and should not be asked, which outcomes are preferable and which are not, in short to which highly selective subset of facts and whose very particular concept of working will be presumed.I found myself disappointed that the chapter on Science failed to mention C S Lewis s insightful comments on what he called Bulverism the belief that you can ignore a man s argument if you can si...

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    Yes, this is a book about politics but one of the things I found most interesting was what the book had to say about religion Goldberg describes himself as a secular Jew but he does a much better job of defending the church and Christianity past and present than many Christians even many in the clergy The basic idea of the book is that many people substitute clich s they ve heard for any real thinking on a variety of important issues bumper sticker thinking Goldberg elaborates in this paragraph from the chapter Spiritual but Not Religious YOUR KARMA RAN OVER MY DOGMA You ve no doubt seen the bumper sticker The pun is easy to get, but the underlying point is elusive Most of the time, like so many bumper stickers, it s a smug declaration of superiority whose appeal derives from the appearance of cleverness rather than the reality of insight In this chapter, he points out that many in our culture have accepted a clich that Eastern thought is spiritual and less dogmatic Goldberg responds that Buddhism is every bit as doctrinaire as Christianity or Judaism and in his book that s not a bad thing We all follow doctrines, creeds and systems of belief and that s a good thing There is wealth in collected wisdom in religious and political orthodoxies We are likely to get into tr...

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    I enjoyed this book almost as much as I enjoyed Liberal Fascism I will be reviewing it in detail on my blog shortly.

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