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Readings from Readings 2 The Victim Of A Snatch Theft Adopts A Rock Which She Carries Everywhere For Protection A World Famous Author Plots The Perfect Suicide In An Anonymous Hotel Room, And A Young Neurosurgeon Finds Himself On The Other Side Of The Medical Equation After A Tragic Accident From The Village Headman Who Travels To Weddings On His Tractor, To An Androgynous Rock Singer With A U2 Tribute Band, And A Beautiful Ghost Haunting Abandoned Warehouses With Her Lover, The Book Is Packed With Fascinating Characters And Intriguing Situations This Second Collection Of Stories, Poems And Essays Under The Readings From Readings Banner Is As Diverse As The Writers Who Ve Penned The Pieces What Unites Them Is Their Connection With Kuala Lumpur S Longest Running Literary Event, Readings Seksan, Which Provides A Regular Platform For New Work.

Bernice Chauly is the author of six books of poetry and prose Once We Were There 2017, Winner of the Penang Monthly Book Prize , Onkalo 2013, Direct, honest and powerful JM Coetzee , Growing Up With Ghosts 2011, Winner of the POPULAR The Star Readers Choice Award for Non Fiction , The Book of Sins 2008 , Lost in KL 2008 , and going there and coming back 1997 Born in George Town, Penan

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    I love the fact that there s been a Readings from Readings 2, keeping up with the momentum is good I took Creative Writing from Sharon Bakar at one point in life and have been in love with reading and writing every since I can t say I do it diligently, but when I do it, I am liberated It s therapeutic and I recommend it for everyone Similar to the book so m...

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    The first volume comprised of poems and stories in both English and Malay This time, Readings from Readings comes back almost exclusively in English It feels as though the second volume is targeted at readers beyond Malaysia and Singapore I m biased, but to me it s a good move.The book is well edited, with minimal typos, and the presentation is absolutely lovely The stories and poems are so much stronger in this volume Some of the stories are heavy handed and didactic, and some are so open ended they feel like a chapter from a much larger story instead of self contained ones I don t know maybe this is a Malaysian thing.The piece that stands out the most is a poem by Rodaan Al Galidi, Eight Hundred and Sixty It is poignant It resonates It is brilliant.I also love Angeline Woon s Big Bertha and the Stone of Justice The story, which is thankfully self contained,...

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    As one who is new to Malaysian writing and culture, I found Readings from Readings 2 a delight The collection features prose and poetry of various lengths that were read at a live event by the authors themselves I wish I had been present to experience that the emotional range going on in these pages would have been something to experience in person.Full of beautiful imagery as found in the poem Kuala Lumpur Trilogy , heart rending tension in the story Of Snakes and Flower Cars , and the cold, sad calculation of An Orchestrated Ending , this collection brought my heart to my throat and then sailed me along on whimsy, grief, questioning and understanding As an American I enjoyed glimpses at these foreign cultures as I related to so much of what is universal, regardless of culture, across the globe.With pride, fear, faith, duty, famil...

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    Every piece in this book was stellar, whether it dealt with suicidal ideation or a cat s opinion of who should ask forgiveness of whom Every piece took me into the everyday life in a world that s unknown and exotic to me, but also into the hearts of people just like the people in my town people like me I would l...

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    Readings from Readings 2 New writing from Malaysia, Singapore and beyond, is a wonderful collection of work, comprising short pieces of fiction, non fiction and poetry The flavour is undoubtedly Malaysian ok, and Singaporean with sprinklings of other voices in between I found that I preferred the local or at least Asian pieces than the odd sprinkling of Western names that found their way into the book For one, Marc de Faoite s pieces on Night Fishing in Langkawi and The Milking Pen were rather bland, non moving pieces that might have worked well with a introspective or literary type collection of stories Also, whilst I liked Crimson Starlet, it felt rather out of place in the anthology, having nothing at all to do with Malaysia, or even anything remotely Asian Angeline Woon s Big Bertha and the Stones of Justice and Shahminee Selvakannu s Lighting the Darkness highlight starkly the realities of life and the apathy of the powers that be in Malaysia Fadzlishah Johanabas Picking up the Pieces gripped me right from the start with the power of love and longing in ...

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    Every so often you discover by chance a writer or writers you ve never heard of before, and I had this experience when I received a review copy of this book It s a compilation of stories and poems by a variety of mostly South Asian names, only one of which I had ever heard of.My way of reading foreign literature is to let it flow over me and make its impressions on me When I read Tolstoy and Dickens in high school, loads of words and customs and concepts in their books were foreign to me I embraced them, and I was rewarded.In Readings 2, I especially enjoyed Angeline Woon s Big Bertha and the Stones of Justice for its depiction of common brutality unwittingly being adopted by higher class people who should know better, and as well the spare, beautiful An Orchestrated Ending by Damyanti Ghosh.Not surprisingly there are a number of st...

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    A nice little medley of stories like a box of chocolates some you like, some you don t.My favourite picks Rani Taxis Away, Blue, KL Trilogy, Milking Pen, Waiting

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