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Love or Money? How Does A Successful, Money Driven Woman Act When Her World Is Turned Upside Down And Her Values Are Brought Into Question Felicity Harroway Is About To Go On A Journey A Long Distance One.Housewife And Best Friend Zara Is Also About To Undertake New Changes With A Baby On The Way Just Not Quite In The Way She S Expecting For Husband Steve Isn T As Honest As He AppearsCan Felicity S Anxious And Downtrodden Mother Glenda Guide Both Women In The Right Direction Will Fellow Friend Sylvia Lead By Example And Find Happiness With Her Celebrity Boyfriend Join The Four Women As They Battle With The Trials Of Work And Relationships, And Begin To Question The All Important Dilemma Love Or Money Or Can You Have Both To find out about her, connect on Facebook Carrie Stone or Twitter CarrieStoneUK

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    I received a copy of Love or Money by Carrie Stone in exchange for an honest review Felicity Harroway is a successful and driven woman, but when her values are questioned and a wrench is thrown into her carefully thought out life plans, she decides to give something new a try an adventure Felicity s best friend and housewife is struggling with her own issues regarding her husband and his new secretive ways Is her marriage falling apart while she is pregnant Felicity s mother tries to help both woman stay sane and find happiness, but she is searching for her own happily ever after, because it is never too late And Felicity s rediscovered friend Sylvia tries to make a relationship work with her celebrity boyfriend but will one mistake cost her not only her relationship but her friendship with Felicity I enjoyed Love or Money and each characters story Felicity is definitely the leading lady, but the supporting characters had just as much going on and were entertaining to read about At times I struggled with Sylvia s story, and even thought maybe it wasn t entirely necessary to the book, but it did add some drama Felicity and Zara s friendship had me scratching my head a few times when they seemed to be contradicting each other, but I enjoyed Zara s story and was interested in how it would end One thing that was a bit of let down was Felicity s new relationship that she gets into I don...

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    Stories of five people who know each other and therefore are interconnected The concept was similar to the film Love Actually Happy ending everybody got what they deserved Yet, I was rather disappointed because I was waiting for something to happen and it did not come.

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