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Science and God (Little Black Books, #7) As Christians, Do We Have To Choose Between Believing In Science And Believing In God And Aren T We Just A Little Bit Foolish To Believe In God These Days In His Usual Snappy Style, Scott Petty Faces These Difficult Questions Head On, Covering Important Topics Like The Big Bang, Genesis And The Beginnings Of Human Life, Evolution, Design Versus Cosmic Accident, And Most Importantly The Evidence For God.Like All The Little Black Books, This Is A Fun Read And Gets Straight To The Point.

Scott is the youth minister at Christ Church St Ives in Sydney, and loves the tricky questions young people ask about the Christian journey He also loves his beautiful wife, Carolyn, his three energetic sons, racing bicycles, Italian coffee, food in general, rock n roll and Apple computers, probably in that order.

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    The full version of this abridged review may be found on the Pious Eye site reviewer s blog.Promoters identify Science and God as intended for Christian youth between the ages of 14 and 20 So, if you re the parent or friend of a 14 20 year old, or if you re a 14 20 year old yourself, should you purchase this book As I see it, the most important thing for Christian youth as well as adults is to get solidly grounded in a consistently Christian, thoroughly biblical, way of thinking Books providing such a grounding are therefore of great value Science and God, alas, is not such a book If you re looking for concise but consistently biblical booklets, Answers In Genesis AIG s series of Pocket Guides would be a better choice Science and God should only be chosen if what you re looking for is a concise presentation of contemporary compromise, that believing unbelieving, Christian secular, biblical unbiblical hybrid way of thinking tragically dominant today This particular manifestation of contemporary compromise comprises the following chapters Introduction 5 7 , Chapter 1 Why you don t need to pick a team 9 33 , Chapter 2 Big Bang or big God 35 45 , Chapter 3 Dramatic design or a risky existence 47 63 , Chapter 4 Evolution or evil ution 65 81 , Chapter 5 God and the evidence 83 91 , and Chapter 6 QA 93 100.In the Introduction, Petty notes that the anti Christian work of the New Atheists, whom he calls the celebrity scientists, motivated him to write Science and ...

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    Really good and challenging.

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    This little book is an excellent informative book that is light and easy going also has some humorous parts within and is excellent for anyone who is struggling with whether or not God exists because of scient...

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    Read my revies here

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