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Long Time Passing A Short Story Set In The Universe Of The Luck Of Han Anga.The Commonwealth S Grand Star Liner Edwin Teale Has Entered Leyra An Space On A Mission Of Cultural Exchange Among Ship S Passengers Is Martin Russman, A Man Scarred By Memories He Has Tried Very Hard To Erase Martin Is A Relic, A Man Who Has Lived Through Most Of The Commonwealth S History But Even With All Of That History Crowding His Memory, Can He Escape The Shadows Of His Own Past When History Begins To Repeat Itself

I am a writer living in the Sonoran Desert of the American Southwest, to which I relocated from my childhood home in Illinois I have a B.S in plant biology from the University of Arizona, and have in the past worked as a laboratory technician for that institution Among other things, I am also a student of history, natural history, astronomy, and backyard horticulture.

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    Great story A fast read that kept me involved right to the end That end came as a surprise, as I was burning through the pages and not paying attention to the Kindle percentage That s it Where s the rest I want , , I tell you,

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    Martin is a Relic, a near immortal being who was born before humans invaded space Traveling on a star liner, he enjoys star gazing in alien galaxies Joined by an extraterrestrial group as he watches, he is soon confronted by an old friend who forces him to remember the past.Extremely well written and edited, Mr Watson has a fabulous talent for putting the reader in the middle of th...

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    I enjoyed this story and I love the idea that Martin is a relic I liked the history, the memory and I love the author s voice It leads to an entertaining quick read I will be exploring of this author s work He tells a great story.

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    Starts a little too slowly for my liking with the protagonist having a rather dull and uninteresting picnic with an alien race But the book does pick up around the halfway mark There s enough intrigue here to make me interested in checking out the rest of the series.

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    Excellent short story that opens a new story line that could easily be explored at a later date Hopefully Mr Watson will venture down this path and give us a history lesson on the Commonwealth.

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