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The Devil's WatersA Giant Freighter In The Gulf Of Aden Holds Secret Cargo That Could Bring Down The Governments Of Four Nations When Somali Pirates Grab The Ship, The Order Comes Down Get The Freighter Back, At All Costs.Only One Combat Group Is Close Enough To Respond Before The Hijacked Freighter Reaches Somali Waters The Elite US Air Force Pararescue Unit The PJs Stationed In Djibouti Though Their Mission Is To Save Lives, And Their Oath Is That Others May Live, The PJs Are Battle Tested The Team Doesn T Hesitate Because One Of Their Own, Sgt LB DiNardo, Is Already Onboard The Hijacked Ship.LB Has Three Tasks Provide Intel On The Pirates, Stay Alive Until The Team Arrives, And Withstand The Humiliation Of Breaking The PJs Cardinal Rule Never Be The One Who Needs Rescuing.At The Head Of The Pirates Is The Shrewd And Ruthless Yusuf Raage, A Clan Leader Who Will Sacrifice Anything And Anyone To Keep His Captured Ship The PJs Have A Mere Hour To Take Down The Ship Before The Air Force Blows It Up Even If They Survive The Wrath Of Yusuf Raage, Secrets And Danger Await Them.

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[[ Read ]] ➪ The Devil's Waters Author David L. Robbins – Girlnailart.us
  • Paperback
  • 452 pages
  • The Devil's Waters
  • David L. Robbins
  • English
  • 15 January 2018
  • 9781612186061

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    SEALs Delta, , , , , , , , , Die Hard , .P.S , , , IDI NYUKHAI PLAVKI, 20 B movie.

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    I m a big fan of PJs and think that they are the unsung heroes of the special forces community I was thrilled to find this book and read it in one sitting I m looking forward to seeing the next one in the series While some of it was hollywood than real life, I didn t read it for operational knowledge I read it to enjoy the willing suspension of disbelief Mr Rollins accomplishes this very well He creates characters that you care about and goes into detail of their pasts One person who reviewed this book couldn t understand how an Army Captain could do a service change and agree to lose his commission to do a different job Personally, to go from a primarily life taking MOS to a lifesaving MOS is believable If you read the full book, Robbins not only answers that question good enough for me, b...

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    For those who love a good military action novel, David L Robbins new book THE DEVIL S WATERS is Christmas come early A group of paratroopers take on Somali pirates, and as much as you ll want to see the good guys win, you ll be hard pressed not to pull for the pirates, too.It s only fair I admit at the outset that I m a friend of the writer, but I can recommend this book with a clean conscience David ranks among the best writers I know, and he s upped his game with this book He s bid adieu to his historical war novels, and as much as I ve enjoyed those books, he s put together something really awesome with THE DEVIL S WATERS.The main character is First Sergeant DiNardo whose call sign is LB, and the explanation for his nickname sets up a great punchline at the end of the first chapter It s tough not to like LB This is the first in a series of novels David will focus on the PJs, and it s clear he s chosen a main character he loves a lot LB plays perfectly to David s voice, with a blend of humor and intensity that s sure to keep you reading.On the opposite side is pirate Yusaf Raage As villains go, he s a brutal and intelligent foe and exactly what I ve come to expect f...

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    I enjoyed both The Assassins Gallery and The Betrayal Game by Robbins Fun mixes of historical fiction and spy thriller, both featuring lovable crusty professor turned protagonist Mikhal Lammeck In the mood for a light read, I was hoping this story featuring a US Air Force Pararescue jump team would fit the bill.I didn t have my hopes set too high and was disappointed nonetheless It falls short from start to finish, in most every way A plot with scant connection to reality a special forces team made up of guys with names like Doc, Mouse, and Quincy who speak in a steady diet of tough guy I can t express my feelings except through insipid attempts at humor insubordination but I d lay down my life for you chatter and a denouement via a laughable mano a mano, laying it all out on the table discussion, involving a two star general and a sergeant.Mirroring the poor construction is very poor writing, which I don t recognize from Robbins other work I almost quit this book twice but was hoping something would improve It didn t I can t tell you anything It s all classified LB firmed his tone Lady, do you understand what I do for a living Everything I do is classified I shit classified LB rapped his fist on Jamie s shoulder to seal his words, and to tell the boy he was a damn fine man.The man hiked up his pants leg to slide a blade from a hidden sheath He twisted the kn...

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    I ve had to go 80 or 90 pages into some books I ve read notably literary fiction before I really felt like the writer wanted me in there in the first place But in the case of David Robbins The Devil s Waters, which I just completed, it took about a eight or nine words In a book signing several months ago, I think David called his TDW writing locomotive style And in parts, I d call it flashbang style As always deeply researched, Robins book is also the product of extensive personal interviews and base visits in several parts of the world and I m sure some of them were black that is, they did not exist on any government TOE to yield the story of The Devil s Waters It s a riveting story that tracks real time developments pretty closely, I d guess The focus is on the U.S Air Force s Guardian Angels, the renowned PJs, or Pararescue Jumpers, components of Combat Search and Rescue operations and an integral part of our nation s participation in protecting shipping from Somali Pirates on the high seas.But don t be fooled It s about way than just that It s about doomsday, and invol...

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    So a bunch of Somali pirates hijack a ship that contains something that cannot be allowed to fall into the wrong hands The only US forces near enough are an elite parachute rescue team This could have easily been yet another Somali pirate throwaway thriller, but actually it s not I have no idea if the organisation actually exists as depicted here although I am aware there is a Rescue Squadron that has many of the same skill sets It would have been nice to have understood how real the team depicted were.But I did enjoy this, far than I thought I would Much of this is because the clich s are avoided and the realistic characters we meet The Somali pirate leader has a personality, an ethos and is not a weed chewing nut job, the Parachute Jumpers PJs are guys who normally want to do good thrown into an environment where they will have to put aside what they believe in The lead PJ is known by his nickname, LB and when he is thrown into a die ha...

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    This book was riveting I learned so much about pararescue thankful for the Glossary of terms at the end of the book and the intensity our military experiences when faced with a rescue mission Robbins weaves a story that is vividly written and heart poundingly real The fight scenes between the Somali pirates and the PJs felt as real as it gets, and all the while you kno...

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    David L Robbins is known for writing taut, well conceived military thrillers for good reason This author really knows his craft, but TDW is than that This novel opens a broad stream of thinking about subjects as diverse as the long term effects of colonialism in the Horn of Africa, the motivations behind the scenes in international alliances, and the politics that sends soldiers into harm s way with little or no intelligent thinking ahead of the orders.Specifically, this is the tale of the rescue of a container ship with no cargo, from Somali pirates Why a military strike performed by life saving para rescue jumpers would be called for a ship with no cargo or passengers is one question Nothing else is as it seems either, and the ending, while tying up the loose ends, still leaves lots of room for further thinking, which I like.Another thing I really enjoyed in this book, was how well the author worked the definitions of the military acronyms and jargon, right in to the storyline He provided a glossary in the back, but the writing was so well conceived, I didn t really need it The story flowed smoothly all the way through with no distraction or jarring annoyances to slow it down My only issues had to do with the info dumping in the first chapter which actually served as a prologue, but it wasn t really much of an issue at all The characters were full...

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    Hoorah A High Action Military Operation Thriller This is an amazing, well described military action novel finely edited, easy to read On a mission into the Afghanistan Mountains, First Sgt LB DiNardo and his crew are on board an HH 60 Helicopter facing poor visibility as a storm moves along with them DiNardo has been a para rescue man for 12 years and has seen it all They are on a mission to rescue a village boy who has stepped on a land mine, blowing half his foot off The marines had put in a rescue call for air evacuation of the 8 year old boy to a medical facility The storm is bad, but the team signals the pilot to stay on course Doc is a former marine, second oldest to PJ at 36 years PJ is four years older, with a previous history as an officer in the Rangers Quincy was once a SEAL, and Jamie is the youngest team member with this being only his second mission The leader of this team is Captain Walley Bloom, who has known and worked with PJ for years They are well bonded as well as dedicated to the mission as a well connected team Their oa...

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    The mark of a good thriller is whether it keeps me engaged and turning pages THE DEVIL S WATERS did exactly that It gets five stars.David L Robbins has taken his considerable skills as a novelist and shifted them from dramas set primarily against WWII e.g., WAR OF THE RATS, THE END OF WAR, LAST CITADEL and moved them to a 21st century backdrop.THE DEVIL S WATERS is an imaginative adventure involving Air Force Pararescue Jumpers PJs and Somali pirates It s high adventure with undertones of the War Against Terror and the old Cold War The PJs, whose job is to save people, become reluctant combatants in an effort to retake a pirated container ship in the Gulf of Aden.The ship, as we learn, harbors a warren of secrets secrets so deep that the U.S government is willing to destroy the vessel, PJs and all, unless the PJs can secure it.The novel is a tale w...

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